Did you Know?

Half of all energy is lost as waste heat?

A tremendous amount of thermal energy is lost as steam, hot gas or radiant energy. Despite this, few efficient & cost-effective solutions have been developed to utilize this waste heat to generate electric power. This is especially true for waste heat streams below 500 °F (260 °C). The main limitations with current technology have been due to high cost, low efficiency & maintenance issues.

A $170 Billion Opportunity

Aestus Inc. is developing a revolutionary technology that can use waste heat to generate electricity. The devices we are constructing are known as Thermomagnetic Generators and can successfully capture and convert waste heat from any industrial, solar or geothermal heat source. No additional fuels are required and no carbon emissions are produced.


Power plants, metal refineries, and cement factories each have large quantities of waste heat and high electrical demand.


Large sites could see $10 Million in annual savings and reductions of thousands of tons of CO2 emissions.

Our Solution

We are transforming thermal energy into mechanical and electrical power using our proprietary magnetic materials.


A completely new approach to waste heat recovery.

Metals lose their magnetic attraction when heated above a critical point known as the Curie Temperature. Upon cooling, the magnetic properties of the material will be restored. This scientific phenomenon can be used in novel ways to drive machinery or generate electric power.

Using a unique blend of alloys and innovative heat transfer techniques we have formulated designs for large rotary devices that can capture and transform waste heat into viable electric power.

Our breakthrough Thermomagnetic generators will revolutionize the energy industry.


Save money AND generate clean electricity!

Rising fuel costs and climate change have created a great demand for the clean and reliable production of electricity.

Our goal is to produce Thermomagnetic systems for large industrial sites such as power plants, steel mills, refineries, cement factories, etc. We could save our clients up to $10 Million at each site and reduce CO2 emission by thousands of tons per year.

Our next stage of development is to build a great team and construct more advanced prototypes. We are actively seeking funding and industrial partnerships to help bring this potentially disruptive technology to the world.

Let's use waste heat before it goes up in smoke!